You have to have creative visual ways and narrative ways of telling a story that check people and make them think, yeah, I’ve always thought of it that way but maybe that’s not the right way of thinking about it.

Matt Wilcox.

Hannah Monroe.

Summer Blizzard.



I went to school for economics.

I actually have a psychology background.

I thought I’d be a video game programmer.

Our generation has-

Stumbled into it a little luckily actually.

A lack of awareness around that this is something that they can do that’s a viable option.

I can’t imagine ever leaving it.

This is something that we need to draw attention to.

Any opportunity to bring generations together is beneficial.

This is how we can do it.

When people are looking to start a career, one thing they’re looking for is how to make a living. Another thing that at least I was looking for, and I think nearly everyone is looking for, is something additional.

To be a part of the large scale movement.

Just something else other than a paycheck.

It doesn’t matter if it’s big or if it’s small.

There’s the what which is the paycheck, and then there’s the why.

You can actually change someone’s life.

As it relates to the why, I can’t imagine doing something better than helping people’s grandparents.

It’s really not marketed very well.

It’s not on anybody’s radar.

This great opportunity for kids right out of college.

I was going down a different path and I found myself working a job with older adults, and I loved it.

Any interest that you already have-

Take what you’re good at-

Can be applied towards the field.

You don’t have to be anyone disciplined to be involved in a career in aging.

Is there so much need-

Be a gerontologist.

Videographers, filmmakers, writers-

Technology, technologists, lawyers, health care professionals, carers, caregivers-

Anthropologists to zoologists, just about every letter of the alphabet in between.

It’s pretty exciting.

Biologist, chemist, demographers, economists, geriatrician, nurses, psychologists, social worker. I think you get the picture.

There’s not just one path.

Getting involved now in the aging field, it’s a entrepreneur’s dream.

There are a ton of big problems that people young and old are trying to solve.

I’ve got tons of demand but the present market, the present product is not wanted by any of that demand. That says I got a great opportunity here.

I think people have a fear of working with older adults and that being really sad.

I actually ended up having a blast.

I think listening to stories made me a better person.

Take the chance to step out of your comfort zone.

Aging is the one thing that we all have in common.

Start a conversation with somebody who looks different from you.

Don’t be afraid of older people.

Have an open mind.

Yeah, we’ve met people who were just a…


All kinds of stories.

They’re World War II Veterans.

National geographic.

Artists, politicians.

People who worked on the Manhattan Project.

You could end up gaining a friendship for life.

Man, it’s awesome.

There was a way for me to combine making a living with making a difference.

Do well while doing good.

Find something that fulfills us that also pays the bill.

It’s not just a job. The people I’m taking care of are people.

At the end of the day, you feel passionate about what you’re doing.

It’s been the most rewarding thing I could possibly have done.

I can’t explain why.

… something you feel driven toward?

Right. It’s like trying to describe love. Shakespeare made a go at it, but still you can’t describe it.