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November 24, 2021  -  Senior Living

4 Best Ways Seniors Can Stay Healthy During the Holiday Season

Ever decked the halls to the point of exhaustion? Holidays can be a wonderful thing, but if the pace is too frantic, they can wear you out and leave you not feeling very merry. Even Rudolf took a break! At Peregrine Senior Living, we want to help you stay healthy during the holiday season, so you can enjoy every moment and look forward to the new year.

Making a list, checking it twice: 4 ways to stay healthy during the holiday season

  1. Don’t over-commit.

Maybe Santa can make it to everyone’s chimney in one night, but you would do better just taking things a bit easier. Decide what matters most to you:  a church service, a holiday concert, or perhaps staying at home and baking some goodies. To stay healthy during the holiday season, try to pace yourself. And be sure to leave some time for rest and quiet.

Living in a senior living community such as Peregrine, you have the flexibility to enjoy the serenity of your residence. Or, choose from one of many events on the activities calendar. Either way, you can find lots of ways to celebrate in the manner you choose. (And there’s a lot to be said for being able to enjoy beautiful holiday decorations without lifting a finger!)

  1. Eat healthy meals.

So many plates of cookies before you, and so little time! Handling temptations takes on a whole new level of difficulty during this time on the calendar. There’s nothing wrong with indulging occasionally. But to stay healthy during the holiday season, you want to be sure you get the proper nutrients from a balanced diet. Stay hydrated. Avoid too much alcohol. When it comes to sweets, you know you’ll give in now and then. Just don’t stand next to a plate full of brownies at a party!

One great way to avoid giving in too much to tempting treats is to be around others who share your interest in wellness and good health. Research tells us that how we eat is strongly affected by those around us. As a resident of Peregrine Senior Living, you are rubbing shoulders with older adults who can help motivate you to make wise choices. Like smaller portions. Lots of fresh fruits and veggies. In addition, as a resident, you have the advantage of enjoying well-balanced, nutritious meals served restaurant-style every day. That’s a gift you can enjoy year-round!

  1. Connect with others

Isolation is bad medicine for anyone, but particularly for seniors. And during the holidays, it can accelerate feelings of depression and loneliness. So make a plan to socialize with friends and family. If they live out of town, schedule some online visits and stay in touch. And remember to reach out to your neighbors who also might be on their own. Volunteering with a local charity is another way to be around others and contribute to a good cause. (And it’s good for you!)

For residents of Peregrine Senior Living, there’s always someone around who’d love to meet for lunch, a walk, or just good conversation. It’s easy to make friends. You’re in a warm and inviting atmosphere that not only promotes your independence, but offers you countless ways to relax and focus on what makes you happy. It’s all part of The Peregrine Way—a whole new vision for aging.   

  1. Celebrate the joy of the season. You want to choose your pace. You want to stay healthy during the holiday season. And for sure, you want to be sure you take the time to find the joy in special moments. Whether it’s favorite carols, visiting those with no family, a special spiritual tradition, or some moments of quiet reflection, be present for what means most to you. It’s not so much about gifts as it is being around those you care for. That’s good for your immune system, and for your brain. And it can have a big impact on helping you stay healthy during the holiday season.

At Peregrine Senior Living, we shine a light on what makes each person unique. We welcome you and your loved ones to visit us in person or online during the holidays and see what we mean. We call it The Peregrine Way. Contact us today. And download our free guide, Supporting Your Aging Loved One: Caregiver Tips & Tools.

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