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Assisted Living

Keep Going, Keep Growing: Celebrating Healthy Aging During Active Aging Week!

Healthy aging is staying active, eating right, learning, making friends, sleeping well and finding purpose and joy. Learn how Peregrine can help you!

Assisted Living

Why Common Areas Are So Important in Assisted Living Communities

Common areas in assisted living communities let you socialize, feel at home, maintain your standard of living, and more. Learn more about The Peregrine Way.

Assisted Living

Overcoming Barriers to Fitness: Motivating Seniors to Exercise

Motivating seniors to exercise means overcoming physical and emotional barriers: Peregrine senior living can help with info, choices and more.

Assisted Living

The Benefits of Pets for Seniors

Benefits of pets for seniors include better mood, lower stress, a life purpose, bigger social network, and increased fitness. A wet nose is good medicine!

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