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Just the Facts: Your Guide to Independent Living

In retirement, it’s important to focus on things that are important to us. After all, we’ve paid our dues and it’s finally time to make the most of every day and live life to the fullest! One of the best ways to do just that is to move somewhere you don’t have to worry about the mundane aspects of life, like paying bills, maintaining the house, buying groceries.


The Caregivers Checklist

Caregivers are special people; selflessly fulfilling the immensely rewarding and challenging role of supporting their loved one as they age. This guide will walk you through preparing your loved one’s home, enlisting family support, knowing when it’s time for care outside the home and resources for your own self-care.


Just the Facts: Your Guide to Memory Care

What sets memory care apart from other senior living options and how to recognize when it’s time for memory care support?


Motivated Living: Blue Zones Guide to Aging Well

What are the "Blue Zones" and how can they help you live a more independent, happy life?

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