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Memory Care

Alzheimer’s Awareness Month is Bittersweet

Understanding Alzheimer’s—the symptoms, stages, and how a memory care setting can help—is important in June, Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month. Learn more about the Peregrine Way.

Health & Wellness

Start Slow: Summer Fitness for Seniors

Fitness for seniors works best when you start slow, stretch, work on your balance, drink lots of water, and exercise with friends. A Peregrine senior living community is a great choice.

Assisted Living

Better Nutrition and Assisted Living

Nutrition and assisted living go together. Residents enjoy group dining, good food and regular mealtimes, all key to helping them get proper nutrients.

Health & Wellness

It’s Save Your Vision Month: Eye Health and Protecting Your Eyes

Our eyesight may be clear in our youth, but we won’t be able to say the same as we grow older. It’s up to us to save our vision by following these suggestions.

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