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November 1, 2022  -  Health & Wellness

Staying Fit During Retirement in Albany

When you’re keeping fit, you’re moving your body:  muscles, heart, and bones. You’re pumping blood and oxygen where it needs to go, so that you can keep on breathing, laughing, learning, and enjoying every moment of your life. That’s what healthy aging is all about—feeling strong and independent. Retirement in Albany, New York, is the perfect setting for staying fit and living a long life.  

Why You Want to Keep Moving 

All older adults, even those with limited mobility, can benefit from physical activity. Consider What  The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has to say: 

  • It’s never too late to start being physically active. It can make everything easier, from eating to dressing to bathing.  
  • Physical activity can help you stay independent longer and delay the onset of a major disability. 
  • Staying active and fit can help lower the risk of dementia and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.  
  • Being active opens up all kinds of opportunities for more social interaction. 
  • Too many older adults are sedentary. Move more, sit less! 

Those are just few of the benefits that come from staying fit. But, what if you aren’t sure what kind of physical activity appeals most to you? What if you’re more inclined to draw outside the lines and get your physical workout while exploring the world? 

Good news if you are considering retirement in Albany, New York:  the possibilities are endless! The city offers a great mix of inviting outdoors, historical sites to discover and explore, and fun events and festivals to invigorate your spirit. Not to mention lots of ways to get moving! 

Download our free guide, A Guide to Living Well During Retirement in Albany, New York.

Retirement in Albany, New York:  Lots of Ways to Stay Fit 


You could say retirement in Albany is a splash! Free exercise classes ranging from cycling to Zumba to yoga and more at the Sidney Albert Albany Jewish Community Center help seniors and older adults stay strong, flexible, and healthy. There’s also an indoor pool and two outdoor pools. Adult swimming lessons are also offered at Serrago’s Swimmers.  


The Albany YMCA can keep you moving with low-impact classes including gentle yoga, healthy heart, senior aerobics, senior strength, Tai Chi, and more. Say goodbye to stress with some meditation, yoga and healing arts at Heartspace Yoga. Silver Sneakers members can take advantage of fitness instruction at several area gyms, including Albany CrossFit, with access to classes, equipment, pool, sauna and other amenities. 

Walking Trails   

Whether you are a bird lover, a hiker, or you just love to gaze at the beauty of nearby mountains, you’ll love what retirement in the Albany area has to offer. Take a pleasant walk through Six Mile Waterworks Park, which includes a lake stocked with rainbow trout (with fishing platforms), picnic tables and grills, as well as walking trails and a playground. Stretch yourself a little further on the 9-mile Albany County Helderberg-Hudson Rail Trail, a walkway along the old Delaware & Hudson Railroads. It is fully paved, and a great place to spot wildlife.  

For a true step into nature, you can’t miss the Albany Pine Bush Preserve. Enjoy an experience that immerses you in geological, natural and cultural history, with 20 miles of trails and an accessible interpretive center open seven days a week. More than 80 species of birds frequent the preserve’s forests, fields, wetlands and shrublands. Wildlife is abundant as well in this special area located between the majestic Catskill and Adirondack mountains. 


Year-round, it’s easy to find fun and interesting places to visit, including the striking State Capitol Building and grounds, New York State Museum, and Albany Institute of History and Art, or an afternoon exploring Albany’s many craft beer breweries. The mix of culture, higher education, natural vistas of the nearby Catskills and Adirondack Mountains and rich history make retirement in Albany an excellent choice.   

Living at Peregrine Makes Retirement in Albany, New York, Even Better 

In a Peregrine senior living community, you can attend fitness classes, work on your balance, benefit from personal instruction and a whole lot more In fact, if you’re just not that interested in a classic exercise regimen, living at Peregrine means you can skip the gym and join a walking club, try Tai chi, get out the bicycle, work on your putting skills, attend a dance, or come up with your own suggestion for a new way to get moving and have some fun!  

Surrounded by enthusiastic peers, you’ll find it’s much easier to do. Personal growth, new passions and a lifestyle filled with purpose:  it’s the Peregrine Way®! 

New to Albany?  Download our free guide, A Guide to Living Well During Retirement in Albany, New York. Or contact us.    

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