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April 13, 2022  -  Assisted Living

What You Can Expect in Assisted Living

Have you ever taken what you thought would be a modest vacation and been pleasantly surprised by the service you received, and the amenities you had at your fingertips? Welcome to assisted living: It could be everything you need, and so much more than you were expecting.

What comes with assisted living?

Residents receive assistance with bathing, dressing, eating and medication as well as onsite medical care when needed. They have the convenience of a homelike setting without the worry of home upkeep, cooking, cleaning and yard maintenance. Social opportunities are also integral to daily life in assisted living with a range of scheduled programs, activities and outings. 

More than you expected: today’s assisted living.

  • A welcome respite from the past responsibilities that never seem to end.

Having to take care of the endless duties of homeownership can really take the energy out of a day. Often by the time you’ve checked off your list or waited for a repair to be done, you’ve missed opportunities to be with a friend for lunch, or catch your grandson’s baseball game, or even just enjoy some quiet time to catch up on the latest bestseller. In assisted living at Peregrine, you aren’t held back by duties. You’re inspired by opportunities!

  • A feeling of being on a vacation where you never stop exploring. 

Today’s assisted living communities place an emphasis on hospitality, offering a high-degree level of comfort and often, luxury. Thoughtful touches are being incorporated more and more in many assisted living settings, such as spa services, cafés, outdoor grilling spaces, upscale finishes in apartments and more. Overall, there is acknowledgement that this lifestyle is not just about knowing assistance is there, it’s also about freeing yourself to explore new possibilities and new sources of spiritual, intellectual, and emotional growth. 

  • An environment that makes it easy to meet new friends.

Some people are extroverts and enjoy being around a large group of people. Others are more solitary, preferring moments of solitude and just a few, close friends. The great thing about assisted living is you can have it both ways. The choice is yours. You can opt for quiet afternoons in your apartment with your furry friend and a good book. Or you can join your neighbors in games, parties, outings, cookouts, volunteering and much more. One thing is for sure: in assisted living at Peregrine, you won’t be lonely. You’ll be having too much fun!

  • A sense of safety and security that puts you at ease.

For many residents of assisted living, being able to finally relax in their surroundings and know that they are in an environment designed for their health and safety is an unexpected joy. There are staff members available 24/7 to assist you if needed. No more worries that can come from living on your own at home, like malfunctioning appliances, ineffective heating and air conditioning, holes in the roof or a front door lock that sticks. In assisted living you’re benefitting from a secure environment with safety features that are designed to make life easier, such as level surfaces, good lighting, wider hallways, and handlebars in the bathroom. Feeling protected feels good.

  • Peace of mind that you’re in control. With so much less to worry about, you’re in the driver’s seat in assisted living. Want to learn how to paint? Study a new language? Start a stargazing club? At Peregrine, your preferences and your interests are honored and you’ll most likely find others who also are ready to explore. Maybe it’s finally time to take that cruise. Now you can just close your door and go. Now you have the time, and the freedom, to nurture that part of you that makes you unique.  

Expect the best.  

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For compassionate care, a focus on lifelong wellness, a lifestyle filled with possibilities, and peace of mind, a move to assisted living can be a positive experience for everyone involved. 

We say:  getting older is getting better! Contact us today to learn more. And please download the free guide, Just the Facts: Your Guide to Assisted Living”. We are here to help you!

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