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Assisted Living and Memory Care Cheektowaga

Just a stone’s throw away from Buffalo lies the quaint town of Cheektowaga, a place where value is determined by how hard you work and the strength of your character. That’s why Peregrine is proud to serve the area with our full-service Cheektowaga senior living community, offering assisted living and memory care options. While there’s no shortage of stunning views, you want a senior living community that works just as hard as you do. Your loved one earned their retirement. Which is why at Peregrine, we believe that just because you might require a little extra assistance, doesn’t mean your life needs to be put on hold.

Visitation has resumed, please call (716) 893-3000 for more information.

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Assisted Living

Get an inside look at how Peregrine assisted living services go beyond support with daily tasks to help you find a new level of personal fulfillment. For us, assisted living is about providing your loved one with the opportunity for meaningful social connections.

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Memory Care

Many memory care communities only focus on basic needs. At Cheektowaga, we work to stimulate long-term memories to help preserve what makes your loved one unique. Your loved one has a story - we just give them the support to tell it.

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Our Community

Where Character Meets Expert Care

Our unique approach to memory care Cheektowaga is called “The Peregrine Way®.” We combine expert care with meaningful experiences that connect your loved one to their treasured past.

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