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Assisted Living

Assisted Living

Assisted Living The Peregrine Way

Assisted living gives your loved one the opportunity to maintain as much independence as possible while having the support they need for daily tasks. At Peregrine, our assisted living services go beyond support with daily living, transportation and medication management. The Peregrine Way means changing the expectations of your loved one to open up a variety of possibilities and personal growth opportunities. We don’t label seniors based on the services they need; we shift away from an institutional model towards a dynamic environment that celebrates our fundamental principles.

  1. A commitment to a renewal of the individual growth process
  2. A deepening of the spiritual experience
  3. The furthering of one’s intellectual pursuits recognizing the value of lifelong learning

This means we work with your loved one on a personal level to uncover how their assisted living experience can include more personal fulfillment. When you trust your loved one with a senior community, expert assisted living services are expected. At Peregrine, we provide opportunities for your loved one to stimulate their body, spirit and mind.

Personalized Assisted Living Services

No two people are the same. That’s why we collaborate with your loved one to develop a customized care plan to meet their specific needs. This process includes discovering meaningful ways to give your loved one a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment. We know that just because someone is in need of extra support, doesn’t mean their life should be put on hold.

At Peregrine, we’re not a senior assisted living facility that will only focus on covering basic needs. We invite your loved to not just live at one of our communities but to thrive in a life filled with the opportunity to enrich their own lives and the lives of those around them. While services like housekeeping and fresh meals have benefits, the heart of our work rests in the connection our residents forge with their environment.

When is the Right Time to Think About Assisted Living?

We know that a life decision of this weight can be challenging for everyone involved. As an assisted living provider, we can tell you with confidence that there have been many people in your shoes. The decision to take this step can be a rewarding and exciting new adventure for your loved one, but how do you know it’s time? Here are some of the signs to look for:

  • Your loved one is having trouble with daily needs such as bathing, getting dressed or self-care.
  • They begin to feel more isolated as it becomes more difficult to get out and make new social connections.
  • You’ve noticed a steady increase in the amount of time you spend helping them with tasks they could once handle on their own.
  • Your loved one wants to lift the burdens of maintaining their daily life to relax and focus on what makes them happy.

If any of these statements hit home, it could be time to consider assisted living for your loved one. When it comes to family, we want our loved ones to be happy and thrive. Rest assured part of The Peregrine Way means treating your loved one as if they were our own family. 

A Fulfilling New Approach to Assisted Living Awaits

Moving your loved one to an assisted living community can be a positive experience for everyone involved. Learn more about what it means to do assisted living The Peregrine Way by contacting our knowledgeable team today.

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Communities That Offer Peregrine’s Approach to Assisted Living

Delmar Place

467 Delaware Avenue

Delmar, NY 12054



300 Mill Rose Court

Slingerlands, NY 12159



345 Northern Boulevard

Albany, NY 12204


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