Peregrine Senior Living pioneers the way for our valued seniors in their search for purpose, validation, and fulfillment. We serve the needs of our residents and their families by providing unsurpassed care.
Assisted Living The Peregrine Way
The Peregrine Way® is a vision which seeks to revolutionize the expectations of the aging process in our society; away from an institutional model and toward a more dynamic and revitalizing environment which fosters intellectual, spiritual, and emotional growth.

The Peregrine Way® is built around the recognition of three fundamental principles that are incorporated into the positive life and aging experience of each of us: a commitment to a renewal of the individual growth process, a deepening of the spiritual experience, and the furthering of one’s intellectual pursuits recognizing the value of lifelong learning. Each of those elements compliment and overlap, creating an environment whereby we challenge, nurture, and collaborate with our residents and staff.

The Peregrine Way® is our response to the changing expectations of our seniors, to encourage and embrace this new found potential for growth and unforeseen possibilities. The word peregrine means pilgrim, and we understand that we are all pilgrims on our own pilgrimage. And wherever our journey takes us should be vital and meaningful. The Peregrine Way® says yes to this life and this journey.

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