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July 15, 2021  -  Guides

Motivated Living: Blue Zones Guide to Aging Well

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May 18, 2021  -  Assisted Living

Better Nutrition and Assisted Living

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May 27, 2021  -  Health & Wellness

Start Slow: Summer Fitness for Seniors

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September 14, 2021  -  Assisted Living

Overcoming Barriers to Fitness: Motivating Seniors to Exercise

Motivating seniors to exercise means overcoming physical and emotional barriers: Peregrine senior living can help with info, choices and more.

September 7, 2021  -  Assisted Living

The Benefits of Pets for Seniors

Benefits of pets for seniors include better mood, lower stress, a life purpose, bigger social network, and increased fitness. A wet nose is good medicine!

August 31, 2021  -  Memory Care

What is Dining Like In Memory Care?

Dining in memory care is filled with soothing routine, personalized service, family input, a pleasant setting and above all, delicious food. Learn more.

August 18, 2021  -  Assisted Living

Why Choose Assisted Living?

Why choose assisted living? A helping hand, lots to do, transportation, feeling secure, more friends, less worry for family, carefree living. Learn about The Peregrine Way.

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