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About Us

About Us

The Story of Peregrine Senior Living

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Hello. Welcome to Peregrine Senior Living. We’re glad you’re here.

I’m Stephen Bowman, President of Peregrine Senior Living. Back in 1995 I founded Peregrine Development with the goal to develop and operate long-term care facilities for seniors. Today, we’re proud to be an assisted living company dedicated to providing outstanding care to seniors, especially to those with memory care needs.

As Peregrine built more experience over the years, we began to notice a trend. Far too often in this industry, seniors are defined by their needs or diagnosis. So, we set out to do things differently, using our expertise to revolutionize the aging process.

The Peregrine Way: Our Unique Approach to Senior Care

At Peregrine, we pioneered new expectations for the aging process. When it comes to you or your loved one, you want them to be seen as a unique individual with value to offer. Just because someone is in need of extra support, doesn’t mean their life has to be put on hold.

That’s why we’re doing things differently. The Peregrine Way empowers residents to have a more fulfilled life by providing opportunities to celebrate what makes them unique. In fact, this speaks directly to our three core values:

  • Integrity: All of Peregrine’s actions have a clear commitment to ethical and consistently reliable service.
  • Dignity: All people maintain an innate right to be valued and treated with respect.
  • Commitment to Quality: We promise to provide the highest quality of care for the seniors we serve and the highest quality of service for those businesses with whom we partner.

But our work doesn’t stop there. Everyone at Peregrine Senior Living strives to find new ways to help the residents under our care to uncover more purpose and fulfillment in daily life.

I invite you to learn more by contacting us online or calling our team directly at (315) 476-5610.

No matter what brings you to Peregrine, a sense of purpose awaits.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Peregrine.
-Stephen Bowman

The Peregrine Way

Renewal of the individual growth process.

We assist each resident in identifying new goals or renewing old interests so they continue to grow mentally, spiritually and socially.

Deepening of the spiritual experience.

We emphasize the spiritual dimension of aging and help provide continuity of experience from childhood to the present.

Lifelong learning in furthering intellectual pursuits.

We partner with local colleges and organizations to provide a lecture series on a wide variety of topics that can be shared with family and friends.

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