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The Peregrine Way

The Peregrine Way

Pioneering Care: The Peregrine Way

Far too often, we see seniors labeled by an Alzheimer’s or dementia diagnosis. Once that happens, basic needs are covered while their unique personality begins to fade. At Peregrine, we challenged this notion and found a way to revolutionize expectations of the aging process.

The Peregrine Way is our unique approach to memory care where we gently stimulate a person’s long-term memory in a comfortable environment. This allows us to help forge connections between meaningful long-term memories and the current moment. It’s our hope to use long-term memories to help transform your loved one into a more vivid person, so you can hold on to what makes them so special.

Our 3 Fundamental Principles

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All of the senior living services we offer are designed to empower our residents to thrive. This is especially true for The Peregrine Way thanks to its three fundamental principles:

  1. Renewal of the individual growth process: We assist each resident in identifying new goals or renewing lost passions so they can continue to grow mentally, socially and spiritually.
  2. Deepening of the spiritual experience: We emphasize the spiritual dimension of aging since it often has deep roots that can help connect meaningful experiences from childhood to the present.
  3. Lifelong learning in furthering intellectual pursuits: We partner with local colleges and organizations to provide a lecture series to help foster intellectual growth for our residents that can be easily shared with family and friends.

A Fresh Perspective on Memory Care

We believe that Alzheimer’s or dementia doesn’t mean the end of personal growth and fulfillment. Which is why the goal of The Peregrine Way is to provide ongoing opportunities to stimulate and comfort a person’s mind, body and spirit.

Alzheimer’s and dementia are conditions that have an effect on a personal and family level. That’s why we’re committed to helping families overcome this challenge through support groups, lectures and other helpful resources.

Experience the Peregrine Difference

With memory care as a continued focus at Peregrine Senior Living, we offer added comfort and peace of mind for individuals and families looking for a continuing care retirement community. Peregrine offers comprehensive memory care as well as unique assisted living opportunities. Peregrine Senior Living is your partner throughout the senior care experience.

Learn more about how The Peregrine Way can enrich the lives of your loved one and family by scheduling a tour of one of our communities or calling us directly at (315) 476-5610.

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Thanks to The Peregrine Way, our memory care services deliver a unique experience that empowers and celebrates what makes your loved one unique.

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