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Keep Going, Keep Growing: Celebrating Healthy Aging During Active Aging Week!

Healthy aging is staying active, eating right, learning, making friends, sleeping well and finding purpose and joy. Learn how Peregrine can help you!

Memory Care

How The Outdoors Benefits Seniors Living with Dementia

Benefits of the outdoors for dementia include improved sleep, enhanced mood, reduced agitation, and more. At Peregrine Senior living, your whole family benefits.

Memory Care

What is Dining Like In Memory Care?

Dining in memory care is filled with soothing routine, personalized service, family input, a pleasant setting and above all, delicious food. Learn more.

Memory Care

10 Questions to Ask a Memory Care Community

Questions to ask a memory care community include types of assistance, staff training, dining program, family interaction, therapies, programming and more. Learn about Peregrine Senior Living’s unique approach to memory care.

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