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Memory Care

Memory Care

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Memory Care in Colonie, NY

Colonie provides memory care near Albany, NY that preserves what makes your loved one so special by leading with a smile and focusing on meaningful connections. Our innovative approach to memory care services is called “The Peregrine Way.” We gently guide and stimulate your loved one to meaningful experiences that foster a sense of newfound purpose and joy.

We know that those living with Alzheimer’s and dementia have extra difficulty with their short-term memories. That’s why our memory care services focus on unlocking the power of a resident’s long-term memories. You’re loved one has a vibrant tapestry of past experiences that make them who they are. We focus on using the past to create a more joyful present.

Preserving Identity and Dignity

Memory care living wouldn’t be much without engaging activities for your loved one to explore. And at Colonie, we pride ourselves on offering memory care activities that keep residents engaged and, more importantly, smiling. Discover what sets Peregrine apart; schedule a tour or speak with an advisor today!

A Wide Variety of Memory Care Activities to Explore

Finding joy in everyday life is something all of us seek to achieve. And with the memory care services and activities at Peregrine Colonie, your loved one can live it. Contact our team today and learn how our compassionate environment can fill your loved one’s life with meaning.

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Colonie Memory Care Services and Programs

If you’re looking for memory care near Albany, NY, there are plenty of options to consider. But only at Peregrine Colonie will your loved one get access to unique memory care activities and programs that connect their treasured past to the present. Some of our services include:

  • Legacy Stories: Our compassionate staff will work with your loved one to help them record their personal story
  • Around the World: Each month our community picks a foreign culture to explore and learn about
  • Time Capsules: We work with residents to create a safe-box of keepsakes to calm, stimulate and lift residents’ spirits
  • Private bathrooms equipped with grab bars for stability and safety
  • Family support groups that are held every month providing you with an open forum to discuss your feelings, concerns and victories

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