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Senior Living

How Senior Living Communities Maintain High Standards of Cleanliness

Challenges associated with Covid-19 raised senior living cleanliness standards and practices. Here are some steps senior living communities are taking now.

Senior Living

When Home Is No Longer Safe for an Older Loved One: A Home Safety Checklist

Home safety for older adults is important. Here is a checklist to inspect when deciding if staying at home is okay or moving to senior living is better.

Senior Living

Wandering, Falls, Medication Mix-ups and More: Warning Signs for Older Adults Living at Home

The occasional minor incident is expected as a loved one grows older, but here are some warning signs for seniors living at home that can’t be ignored.

Senior Living

Why Good Nutrition Is So Important for Older Adults, and What It Might Mean When They Overlook Their Own Diet

Proper nutrition in older adults can become difficult for many reasons. If your loved one is missing out on nutrients, it might be time to take action.

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