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October 10, 2019  -  Health & Wellness

The Top Produce For Your Fall Foods List

Every season offers a new opportunity for you to go on adventures, enjoy beautiful foliage and update your diet. And fall is no exception. The changing leaves, pumpkin patches, apple picking and hayrides make the season extra special. So, before you fill your diet with Halloween candy, consider other, more healthier options.

Eating in season has a variety of health benefits. Not only does it ensure you’re getting a wide variety of foods in your diet, but it also promotes healthy eating habits that are natural and not processed. You may have heard that it’s important to shop the perimeter of the aisles in the grocery store for the healthiest options, but this season, head straight for the produce department.

5 Fruits to Add to Your Fall Foods List

  • Apples – It’s not fall without apples! Try all the different varieties that are in-season this time of year. Gala, Honeycrisp, Granny Apple and Ambrosia are delicious choices. Add a little caramel dip on the side and you have a great fall treat.
  • Cranberries – These super fruits can improve your immune system and help fight off urinary infections. Don’t wait until Thanksgiving – start enjoying this delicious fruit all season long.
  • Pears – Pears are the perfect complement to a fall salad. Eat them raw, make a healthy dessert, or bake them in the oven with a little brown sugar.
  • Grapes – You may not think of grapes when you think of fall, but these poppable treats are in-season and a perfect healthy snack. For a switch on the traditional take, throw them in the freezer and enjoy them frozen.
  • Blackberries – As raspberries fall out of season, reach for blackberries instead. This fruit is a great addition to your fall foods list and make a great fall pie.

5 Vegetables to Add to Your Fall Foods List

  • Pumpkins – You can’t call it fall without pumpkins! In the midst of carving and decorating, try roasting the seeds for a quick on-the-go snack or make a puree.
  • Squash – Yellow squash, butternut squash and gourds all make great harvest decorations. But, they are also a great vegetable to add to your fall diet.
  • Cauliflower – This vegetable is a good choice year-round, but cauliflower is at its peak during fall. Eat it raw with dip, serve it as a healthy side dish, or turn it into a low-carb pizza crust.
  • Carrots – Not only do these vegetables add color to your dish, they also provide a variety of unique health benefits. Add them in a salad, roast them in your slow cooker or eat them raw.
  • Sweet Potatoes – The perfect twist on a traditional potato, these veggies are high in fiber, full of vitamins and delicious! Use them for baked potatoes, make fries or cube them with a little brown sugar.

Make eating a fun experience this fall! Try new things, test out new recipes and promote a healthier lifestyle. The next time you stop at your local grocery store, explore the produce department. You might be surprised by what you find to add to your fall foods list.

Explore a Healthy Lifestyle at Peregrine Senior Living

As you age, taking steps to preserve your health becomes more important. Peregrine Senior Living offers a continuum of care that offers you peace of mind well into the future. Our senior living communities promote a healthy lifestyle with exercise, social interaction and healthy eating options. Want to learn more about Peregrine Senior Living? We invite you to schedule a tour of one of our beautiful campuses by contacting us today.

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