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July 27, 2021  -  Assisted Living

What to Look For When Choosing an Assisted Living Community

Whether you are looking for an assisted living option that offers a life of freedom and fulfillment for you, or for a loved one, it’s helpful to be ready with the right questions to ask on a tour. 

Here are some suggestions on what to look for when choosing assisted living:

Cleanliness of community. Everyone appreciates a tidy home, and you shouldn’t expect anything less in an assisted living community. After all, you want to be proud of where you live, and today’s communities are often beautiful places. On your tour, take note of the furnishings, floors, and windows. Do they look as though they are regularly cleaned? Are the common areas tidy and picked up? Does the air seem freshly circulated with pleasing aromas? The overall ambiance should feel pleasant and bright. 

Training of team members. When choosing assisted living, the people with whom you’ll be interacting with each day should be at the top of your tour list. Are you greeted with a smile? Do team members go out of their way to introduce themselves?  Ask about the nursing staff, and whether ongoing training is required or encouraged. Notice how caregivers interact with residents. At Peregrine Senior Living, our caregiving team is committed to helping each person pursue their passions and engage with the community. We think they are the best!

Size, design, and features of residences. Look at your tour as a home-hunting expedition:  you’re looking at everything, most especially the residences. Get a feel for how spacious it is. Does the bathroom have the safety features you want? Does it feel comfortable? Check to see if it has individual controls for heating and air conditioning. Picture it with your favorite mementos and see if you can see yourself or your loved one living there. And if you’ll be bringing a pet, consider if the space will be adequate.

Services that make life convenient. Living in assisted living is all about having the freedom to escape daily worries and enjoy life. So be sure to ask what services are provided, such as banking, postal services, scheduled transportation, housekeeping, and more. In addition, ask about assistance with activities of daily living, such as dressing, grooming, medication management, and dining. In The Peregrine Way, we get to know each resident so that everything we do has a personal touch, from care and attention to helping you or your loved one live as independently as possible. 

Easily accessible location for friend and family visits. Pay attention to the location of the community. Does it seem accessible from major roads or highways? Is it close to familiar shopping, entertainment, and dining opportunities? Note the setting. Are there opportunities for getting outdoors? Walking outside? Areas where you and your guests can gather for a visit?  If you or your family member will be bringing a pet, notice the areas where you can walk together.   

Access to all amenities of a community. Be sure you are able to take advantage of all the amenities a community has to offer, such as dining venues, chapel, fitness areas, outdoor spaces and more. Is lifelong learning available? Through The Peregrine Way, we partner with local colleges and organizations to provide a lecture series to help foster intellectual growth for our residents that can be easily shared with family and friends.

A full activities calendar. Birthday parties, special events, classes and lectures, cooking demonstrations, concerts, movies, trivia nights, religious services, happy hours, special outings—you should be able to be as busy as you choose. So a robust activities calendar is definitely on the list of what to look for when choosing assisted living. 

A pleasant, welcoming atmosphere. When you first tour the assisted living setting, just notice how it feels…friendly, comfortable, relaxing. That’s how you want to feel when you are at home or how you want your loved one to feel. At Peregrine Senior Living, you’ll find an inspiring, nurturing atmosphere designed to help you thrive.

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