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April 21, 2023  -  Memory Care

Activity Calendar for Seniors with Dementia

Activities have the power to enrich the lives of seniors with dementia if they’re engaging and geared toward their interests. Some activities can even help combat the effects of dementia and delay the progression of cognitive decline.

Peregrine Senior Living’s activity calendar is filled with fun, educational, and skill-building pursuits to help your loved one remain sharp and independent for as long as possible.

Dementia & Alzheimer’s

Dementia is the loss of the ability to remember, reason, or think clearly to the point that it disrupts daily life. Many older adults experience mild memory problems as a part of normal aging, but dementia brings other symptoms: some struggle with emotional regulation or change of personality.

Common indicators of potential dementia can include:

  • Difficulty expressing thoughts
  • Wandering or getting lost
  • Exhibiting poor judgment or confusion
  • Repeating questions and statements
  • Losing balance or motor function
  • Taking longer to carry out familiar tasks

As dementia progresses, neurons can die off, lose links to other cells, and result in cognitive decline. Exercising mental muscles may help maintain those connections longer, and activities are a critical piece of the puzzle.

Why Are Activities Important for Seniors with Dementia?

The best activities for seniors with dementia are structured, routine, and individualized. Not every older adult will love every activity offered, but our packed calendar has a wide array of things to do to pique anyone’s interest.

Engaging activities for seniors should consider:

  • Mobility level
  • Group vs individual activities
  • The senior’s routine
  • What’s enjoyable
  • Past passions and hobbies
  • Practical skills

Activities not only help maintain a fulfilled and varied life for those with dementia, but they can improve their overall health. Some of the research-backed benefits of participating in activities in older adulthood include:

  • A reduced likelihood of developing certain diseases
  • Greater longevity
  • Reduced risk of depression
  • Improved thinking abilities
  • Increased resilience

The Best Types of Activities for Seniors with Dementia

A well-rounded events calendar focuses on:

  • Building social connections
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Creativity
  • Memory stimulation

Peregrine Senior Living’s comprehensive activity schedule offers something for every resident to remain physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally engaged.

Smiling senior woman painting a picture of a lighthouse along with other seniors.

Creative Activities

Fostering creativity can give seniors an emotional outlet to express their feelings, reducing depression, anxiety, and agitation.

Some enjoy the repetitive nature of crocheting or knitting, while others prefer self-expression through painting or drawing. No matter what residents choose, they can enjoy the benefits of recreation and socialization.

Social Activities

A diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer’s can contribute to feelings of isolation. Socialization is critical for those with dementia, and isolation can negatively impact overall well-being.

Peregrine Senior Living has a built-in community and encourages companionship among neighbors. Outings, game nights, and even ice cream socials offer the opportunity for residents to make friends and get to know new people.

Sensory Activities

Sensory activities can help improve concentration, self-concept, and alertness. By gently stimulating all 5 senses, residents can unlock memories by cooking their favorite recipes, watching a classic film, or listening to a meaningful song.

Movie nights, baking groups, and music spotlights are only some of the activities at Peregrine Senior Living that can stir the senses.

Memory Activities

Those with early-stage dementia are more likely to remember long-term over short-term memories. Names, recent events, or what they had for breakfast the day before can slip away, while childhood memories are more enduring.

Exercises and activities can prompt happy memories, including trivia games, music therapy, and more. At Peregrine Senior Living, we provide unique, highly individualized programs based on each resident’s needs. Our signature programs are designed to explore meaningful life experiences and stimulate long-term memory, such as:

  • Renewal of Individual Growth: we assist residents in renewing old interests and identifying new ones
  • Spiritual Programs: our programming leads services of faith and celebration to uplift the community
  • Legacy Stories: we work together to help record in writing each resident’s personal biography
  • Peregrine University: we hold entertaining and engaging lectures on various topics of interest for residents
  • Around the World: every month, we explore a different culture through dining, dress, and music

Explore Everything Memory Care Has to Offer

Choosing memory care for your loved one is a big decision, and you want to feel confident in their safety, security, and level of care. Memory support can help your loved one live a full, enriching, independent life for as long as possible.

Visit Peregrine Senior Living to tour our community, meet our team, and hear about our popular activities among residents.

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