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March 22, 2022  -  Independent Living

The Freedom Independent Living Provides Seniors Who Don’t Drive

Matt is in his 70s and recently gave up driving after his physician detected decreased vision that could impact his safety. Louise is a bit younger than Matt, but she lived most of her life in an urban setting and never needed to drive – she doesn’t want to start now. They both are busy, active, engaged people who have places they like to go—and because independent living offers the perk of scheduled transportation—they have the freedom to do just that.

Don’t drive? Don’t worry! Independent living can get you there.

No need to worry about being stuck because you are no longer driving or do not have a car…at least not if you live in a senior living community like Peregrine. We are all about keeping you on the move in more ways than one. 

When it comes to transportation, you might find that letting us do the driving can free you to experience more than you ever imagined. (without the stress of rush-hour traffic or tight parking spots!)

  • Go with the group to the grocery store. You’re doing just fine in independent living, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of some good old-fashioned hospitality. Grab your shopping list and hop on the community van. Let the friendly staff driver take care of the driving, load your shopping bags, bring you back safely to the community, and carry in your bags for you. No more having to manage heavy bags, wondering where your car is parked, or fumbling for your keys in the rain. Groceries were never this much fun!
  • Visit area museums, galleries, and other sites of interest. Never been to a certain museum? Or were you a member for years but lately haven’t made the drive? You don’t have to miss any more openings or exhibitions. Independent living offers special outings and field trips to all kinds of points of interest:  art galleries, museums, historical sites, special events, lunch destinations, concerts and theatrical shows and more. Having friends along for the ride is a bonus.

Download Just The Facts: Your Guide to Independent Living

  • Stay engaged in the greater area. Activity directors in independent living are always looking to find ways to keep residents engaged and connected to what’s happening around town. For example, you might ride with the group to a local farmer’s market or festival, tour holiday lighting, attend a sporting event, or even just go along for a beautiful drive through the countryside. Being a passenger while someone else does the driving has its perks!
  • Get to medical appointments with ease. With scheduled transportation, you can be dropped off near the entrance of your doctor’s office and picked up at the same location, which is much better than circling a crowded parking lot for what feels like an eternity. You’ll arrive relaxed and ready.
  • Run necessary errands—as well as those you really enjoy. You don’t have to give up taking your four-legged friend to the groomer or vet. Or making a run to your favorite bakery or gift shop. In today’s independent living, you can arrange transportation to help you meet your obligations…and have fun doing it!
  • Let someone else take the wheel. As we age, it gets harder to see at night, and heavy rain can also cut down visibility. Then there’s the challenge of winter weather. Sometimes it’s better for no one to be driving on the roads. But when you’re comfortable with being driven, it’s a great feeling to just sit back, relax, and feel confident that you don’t have to do a thing.
  • Save money on car maintenance, gas, and insurance. In independent living, you can keep your car if you choose. But if you’d rather be free of all the fees and bills that can come with it, you can do so, without missing a beat. Isn’t this how retirement living should be?

Wherever you want to go on the road to retirement, we are here for you.  Contact us today to learn more. And please download the free guide, Just The Facts:  Your Guide to Independent Living. We are here to help you!

Download Just The Facts: Your Guide to Independent Living

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